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About Us

Our Mission

            Blue Diamond is a global market network to facilitate you with most of your needs. Once you connect with us, we are sure that you will return. We are a technology business that integrates the real and digital worlds. We are the only true wholesaling company in the world. With us, you can get most of the services you wish for in one place.  We supply our products and services to our dealer’s network and refer end-user customer sales inquiries to over 500 dealers (re-sellers) all over the world. That’s how we grow! That's how we are available for you every time, everywhere! We source the highest quality and the latest technology from all over the world, which makes us different. Access control companies around the world with whom we hold exclusive contracts are committed to developing long-lasting business relationships with us.


Company’s Introduction

Blue Diamond Group was designed and created in August 2007 with a small setup in Australia ABN: 62 497 349 953. Due to our determination and hard work, we have been able to expand rapidly throughout the world. Today, the Blue Diamond Group has become the most widely used service provider worldwide beyond any geographic boundaries. Blue Diamond Global Group is providing excellent services in many fields like technology, websites & App solutions, real car estate, and global travel guides.

For more details about Blue Diamond Global Group Australia, you can visit


Email:   Contact@blue-diamondgg.com

Phone: +61417545454


We are available online as World Mall, Security Host, World Guide, Domain & App design, Channel World, World Cars Guide, World MedicalOne, World Lawyers, StreamOne Games, Real Estate World Guide, World Guide Immigration, and many more. Here is a short introduction to all businesses:


Real Estate World Guide claims to provide services to buy and sell your dream house or rent it out within a few minutes. All the services are secure, fast and time-saving. Our mobile applications are also available for Android and Apple users to make it more user-friendly. You can reach us every time, anywhere to find your dream house in your city. We don’t compromise on our quality of work. 

For details, visit https://blue-diamondgg.com/company/world-real-estate-1


World Cars Guide can assist you in buying or selling a car. On the site, you can easily find information about new arrivals or used cars. You may also move your car from one location to another using the site's simple features. You can get every information about the car with one click, like location of the vehicle, price, model, its condition, etc.

For details, visit: https://blue-diamondgg.com/company/world-cars-guide-2

Security Host offers a safe environment for your company's website, data, and employees. Security host provides Dedicated hosting, Shared hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Cloud VPS hosting. Dedicated hosting companies assign you data centers that are controlled and managed by users, but the firm ensures that they are secure. Security Host has a dedicated cyber security staff that can handle and protect client information. The company offers shared hosting for websites at a moderate cost, as well as cloud VPS services that allow clients to effortlessly access and save their confidential data.

For detail, visit https://blue-diamondgg.com/company/security-host-3

Channels World offers you HD support, Reseller plan, Compatibility (MAG, BreamlinkT1, Avov, Android, WebTV, XBMC/KODI), Great support 24/7, Server stability (no more stuttering or freezing), Videos on demand, and much more. The IPTV service is available on Android, Engima2, Smart TV, and Windows PC. We are confident to confess that it would be the single most important investment you can ever make in the age of broadband internet to enjoy your leisure quality time without interruption.

For details, visit: https://blue-diamondgg.com/company/channels-world-4


Domain & App Design helps you to build new sites and applications. We have a great team with strong ideas and modern styles to fulfill all of your requirements about your site. Our expertise includes Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and CSS. We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to make your business grow.

To meet our team, visit:  https://blue-diamondgg.com/company/domain-design-5


World Guide Immigration team has 20 years’ combined experience managing a range of global visa applications. It helps you in all of your global immigration processes. We provide Student visas, Business visas, Jobseeker visas, Tourist & Visitor visas, Immigration & Asylum, and many other relevant services. We cover 480+ students, 540+ immigrations, 9000+ universities, and 140+ countries around the world. You can rely on the accountability of our agents because they are registered and licensed by the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

For details, visit https://blue-diamondgg.com/company/world-immigration-service-6

World Mall gives you the opportunity to shop online wherever you are and whatever you want at one site. We have the best deals, trending products, products in the sale, and many many more to serve and entertain you. We also provide a variety of benefit packages that are easily affordable to everyone. Discounted deals are posted on-site, which you may visit at any moment and take advantage of. The objective of World Mall is to deliver everything to its valued customers in a timely manner. If the consumers are unhappy with the product they received, World Mall offers the option of returning it or exchanging it for a refund.

For detail, visit https://blue-diamondgg.com/company/world-mall-7

World MedicalOne provides you with all medical products at exclusive prices. Whenever you need physical or online assistance, we can reach you everywhere. Our payments are secure and fast with an easy and free returns facility. Manufacturers from all over the world supply us with quality products. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. 

For details, visit https://blue-diamondgg.com/company/medical-one-world-8


Stream One Games is one of the most well-known gaming workers and online facilitating companies. We invest in the latest equipment so that our most committed employees can play a variety of games, ensuring that you get the ideal possible show. In addition to 1GB of storage and 10GB of monthly traffic, we offer you Cpanel, the industry-leading control panel that enables you to configure and control your website easily.

For details, visit https://blue-diamondgg.com/company/stream1games-9


World Lawyers provides you with all your concerns about lawyers and the judiciary. We will help you in solving your issue with the best professional methods. We are secure and trustworthy. It is our mission to make your life easier, so we do not compromise on anything.

For details, visit https://blue-diamondgg.com/company/world-lawyers-11

Wold Guide offers you to discover the world with our assistance. Our aim is to provide the latest tourist guide and travel information. We provide you with complete physical & online assistance and security throughout your journey. Contact us for all of your travel-related concerns i.e. immigration, real estate, rent a car & hotel & flight, sell & moving cars, world mall, etc. It is the World Guide's responsibility to make sure you are safe at every step.

For detail, visit https://blue-diamondgg.com/company/world-guide-12

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