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Why should you use a proxy?


  1. Increase network security by encrypting requests, preventing hackers from intercepting sensitive data, and blocking access to malicious labels websites.
  2. You can reduce the data volume of data over the network by (caching)
  3. Internet download ban.
  4. You can bypass the ban

This is not an exhaustive list of what a proxy can be used for, but some additional features can be added:

  • Cookies will be prohibited.
  • Ads will be prohibited.
  • The ability to access the deep web, which are online sites and services that appear in search engines.
  • External exchange research has been reviewed.
  • The ability to extract data (import the process of importing information from the Internet in the form of files).
  • Research your competitors.


Vpn1World High anonymity proxy
It is considered the most secure, it does not pass your IP address and your personal data, in addition, it does not identify itself as a proxy when sending access requests, and it changes the IP address used in access requests intermittently and irregularly, so this type of proxy is The best in providing privacy on the internet.