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How do we differ from our competitors?


  • Company’s Enviornment

Blue Diamond Group’s strength stems from our brilliant employees. It is our firm belief that we are nothing without the determination and hard work of our employees. Every member has his own value and demand in the company. Every member is cherished and respected, and they are encouraged to contribute and share their knowledge and skills. They are also acknowledged and rewarded for their achievements. This is what differentiates us.

  • Global Access

We are the only true wholesaling company in the world. We supply our products and services to our dealer’s network and refer end-user customer sales inquiries to over 5000.000 dealers (re-sellers) all over the world. That’s how we develop! That's how we are available for you every time, everywhere!

  • Full turn key Solution

It is the only company in the world to offer a full turn-key solution. We facilitate our dealers with trained and skilled operators, solar systems, UPS systems, accessories and hardware incorporating, etc to continue their work without any interruption. The largest range of helping products available for dealers around the world. In our fast-paced world, we strive to save people's time to improve their lives.

  • Customized System

Prior to shipment, we adapt all systems to meet the needs of worldwide markets, saving our dealers time and money. We have the most knowledgeable and experienced staff on the globe. Our experts can provide project consultations to ensure that the right items are used for the job. Access control companies around the world with whom we hold exclusive contracts are committed to developing long-lasting business relationships with us.

  • Trained Staff

We provide extensive training programs to all dealers and full training and assistance are provided for all new products introduced to the global markets. We source the highest quality and the latest technology from all over the world, which makes us different.  We focus on the business growth of our dealers, offering business, marketing, sales, and product training programs to ensure each dealer achieves their full business potential. That’s why we are confident in our team.

  • Online Support

We provide our dealers, customers as well as employees full technical support. We offer technical support over the phone and via Skype for on-site issues, as well as YouTube training installation programs. This is helpful for all users to help save time.

  • Advanced Approach

We believe in positive changes. It is always productive to get advanced with time. That’s why we apply the latest marketing and branding techniques to ensure we stay at the forefront of all business developments in the global markets. Our mission is to become the most trusted transport company in the world.


Blue Diamond Group was established in 2007 and is rapidly expanding. With our professional employees and custom-designed system, we are successfully doing hundreds of our projects on a regular basis. We have a community of returning buyers that have connected with Blue Diamond Group like a family. This is something for which we were struggling to achieve. We are adamant about never compromising on our guidelines and rules, even at the peak of our business. Here's a quick rundown of some of our recent successful projects.



  •  World Immigration Service is showing brilliant performance in 30+ countries and 1000+ clients. The majority of our customers are also returning ones, which we are happy about. Our highly qualified migration agents give the best immigration services in the world. Our staff works with businesses and people to ensure that each application is successful, drawing on decades of collective experience. The World Guide immigration staff has a combined 20 years of experience managing a variety of international visa applications. From 457 visas to partner visas and skilled independent visas, there's something for everyone. We understand the requirements of the Department of Immigration, and we ensure that your application meets them. When you engage with World Guide Immigration, you can rest confident that our agents are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

We provide a no-cost visa evaluation and will recommend the best visa option for you based on your qualifications and personal circumstances. When it comes to filing a visa application, we understand how intimidating and complicated the process can be. We also understand that you may only have one chance to submit an application and that a positive conclusion is critical to your future chances. We're here to help you navigate the maze and emerge on the other side. At World Guide Immigration, we take pleasure in leaving no stone unturned and doing everything we can to ensure that our customers get the best possible outcome. You can have complete peace of mind by entrusting your migration to us.

  • Like this, World Cars Guide is our most successful site to help people in purchasing and selling their dream car or move it out from one location to another safely in a few minutes.    We had many deals in this department like transferring many cars around the world via flight and shipping, of course with full insurance. In case anything happens to any property we are responsible for this according to an agreement. The vehicle will also be equipped with GPS and we will be responsible for ensuring that it will arrive on time and in perfect condition. The payment and product papers are exchanged through a secure procedure to avoid any scam.


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